Enabling Data Analysis in a Data Rich World
Closing the gap between available data and actionable insight.

Our goal is to create SIGNIFICANT CHANGES in industries that leverage CUTTING EDGE BIG DATA TECHNOLOGY to UNLEASH the potential of their DATA.



Hyparec was conceived late in 2013 when an excited Aussie and a hyperactive Canadian; both cloud computing experts with tonnes of experience working with Big Data throughout the automotive, banking, sports, and healthcare industries; decided it was time for the two of them to put their amazing skills to use building complex systems for your Big Data analysis and business requirements.

Our Customers

Valuable Insight, new avenues to make lives easier, and greater sales are all easily attainable to our customers through the tools we can provide them

Big Data and Analytics applications that support innovative business solutions that enhance the performanceof your business and provide deeper customer insights.

Our goal is to create push the envelope in industries that leverage cutting edge Big Data technology and are looking to UNLEASH the potential of their data.


Technologies Used



Big Data...Good...Big Data...Future...Big Data...Like Fire...;)

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